How to Dump Mii Data from a My Nintendo Account

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This is a short tutorial on how to dump Base64 Mii data from a My Nintendo account. This uses a JavaScript bookmarklet, and may or may not require a PC, I don't really know.

1. Go to the My Nintendo website.

2. Log into the account with the Mii you want to use in account creation.

3. Run this bookmarklet of URL code (create a bookmark, replace the URL with this, and click it): javascript:prompt("Here's your Mii's data.",[3]);

4. Copy the text from the alert box that shows up.

This may not play well with accounts with multiple Miis, I don't exactly know. Here's an example Mii for Public Mii if you're having trouble: AwAAMHEkQZxnSUJ/lncYlZzmNflBbwAAAEBQAHUAYgBsAGkAYwAgAE0AaQBpAEBAAAAhAQJoRBgmNEYUgRITaA0AACkAUkhQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABXD